A day in Tabarca island

A day on Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island is a small island that you can access from the Alicante waterfront and is one of the city's tourist attractions.

Main Attractions

  • Its waters and marine reserve: The island and its surroundings make up the Tabarca Marine Reserve, making it a privileged place for snorkeling with spectacular views of its seabeds, where Posidonia meadows are teeming with marine life.
  • Its cuisine: You must try the "Caldero," the island's signature dish, at any of the restaurants you'll find in the narrow streets of the village. It's a dish made with potatoes, rice, and rockfish, usually accompanied by a touch of aioli, giving it its characteristic flavor.
    Due to the limited dining options, it is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance, as you may not find an available table on the entire island otherwise.
  • The village, Its church, and its walls: The town is surrounded by an impressive, well-preserved wall. Legend has it that Tabarca was once a pirate island where corsairs who once crossed the Mediterranean sought refuge with their booty.
  • Finally, as a perfect ending to your day, you can enjoy summer sunsets with the horizon framed by the Church and the wall.

Sunset on Tabarca Island

How to get there

Getting to Tabarca is very straightforward, as Cruceros Kontiki offers various departure schedules from the heart of the Alicante waterfront. This allows you to make this must-visit at any time during your stay in the city. In fact, the journey takes about 45 minutes of pleasant seafront promenade, allowing you to discover another perspective of Alicante and its bay, which is usually filled with sailboats on summer days.

Check the departure schedules from Alicante by Cruceros Kontiki

The return also has various schedules, allowing you to adjust your stay on the island to your needs, as the return is not tied to a specific boat; you can take the one that suits you best.

Check the return schedules to Alicante from Tabarca by Cruceros Kontiki

The variety of available schedules complements perfectly with the opening hours of Alicante Locker, making it a great option to enjoy your last day in Alicante.

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