Conditions of use

Provider of Temporary Luggage Locker Rental Service

Company Name: NEWPYME S.L.
Registered Address: C. CAPITÁN DEMA 3, 2º C - 03007 ALICANTE
Tax ID (NIF): B54023809
Registration Details: Registered in the Commercial Registry of Alicante on July 23, 2005, Volume 2946, Folio 36, Sheet A-92976


  • The acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of use is a necessary condition to use the luggage locker service. Acceptance implies that you have read these conditions and expressly and voluntarily agree to comply with all and each of the provisions established in them.
  • Alicante Locker reserves the right to make modifications to the terms of use at any time. However, the service User will only be bound by the terms and conditions of use that were published at the time of making their reservation.
  • Alicante Locker reserves the right to refuse admission to its premises when circumstances advise doing so.

Service Characteristics

The service offered allows for the rental of one or more luggage lockers on an hourly basis.

Service Conditions

General Aspects

  • The User, individual or company reserving one or more luggage lockers, undertakes to make appropriate and lawful use of the lockers. Such use must comply with the applicable legislation, these terms of use, morality, generally accepted good customs, and public order.
  • The User acknowledges and accepts that access and use of the lockers take place freely and consciously, under their sole responsibility. Alicante Locker will not be responsible in any case for the use that the User may make of the lockers, nor for any damages that may arise from it.
  • In order for Alicante Locker to provide access to the Service, it is necessary for the User to have previously provided the requested personal data, email, and phone number. Alicante Locker reserves the right to verify the information provided by the User. Providing false, inaccurate, fraudulent, and/or illegal data is considered a violation and may lead to the immediate termination of the Service for the User.
  • In any case, Alicante Locker may suspend, limit access to, or terminate any User who does not comply with the provisions of these Access and Use Conditions, without the User being able to claim any damage or harm.

Reservation Process

  • Access to the use of lockers is subject to the prior completion of the corresponding reservation form located at
  • The data provided by the User at the time of making the reservation must be accurate and truthful. The User will be solely responsible for false, inaccurate, fraudulent, and/or illegal information provided and the damages it may cause.
  • Once the reservation form is completed, paid, and the payment is verified by credit card, the User will receive an email with the access details to the facilities and the opening of the reserved lockers, as well as the details of the payment made, which will serve as a receipt.
  • The User is responsible for verifying the size and weight of their luggage before making the reservation. No claim or refund request will be accepted if the luggage exceeds the dimensions and/or maximum weight of the lockers. If, for any reason, Alicante Locker decides to refund the reservation amount, the User should be aware that the refund will be deducted by the commission charged by the payment entity at the time of processing the payment, plus €5.00 for management expenses.

Usage Limitations

  • Alicante Locker reserves the right to control the maximum number of lockers reserved by a User.
  • Alicante Locker does not guarantee the availability of free lockers, as it depends on their usage at any given time.

Failure or Late Retrieval of Deposited Items

  • If the User does not empty the contracted locker(s) on or before the reservation's expiration date, Alicante Locker is authorized to access the locker(s) to remove the stored luggage in order to free up the locker(s) for other Users' use.
  • Alicante Locker will temporarily store the luggage and attempt to contact the User who has not complied with the rental period's deadline to arrange the return of the luggage to its owner, whose cost will be borne by the User.
  • After 30 days from the end of the reservation, without having been able to contact the User or if the User has not contacted Alicante Locker nor collected the luggage, it will be deemed that the items have been abandoned by the User, who will exempt Alicante Locker from any claim on them and waive any claim for damages. Under these circumstances, Alicante Locker will consider the luggage as abandoned and will be authorized to dispose of it in the manner it deems appropriate.
  • If the User contacts Alicante Locker to retrieve the deposited luggage before 30 days have passed since the end of the reservation, they will have to bear the following expenses:
  • The amount equivalent to the price of the outstanding locker(s) for each day that passes from the rental expiration date until the luggage is delivered or collected by the User.
  • The costs incurred by Alicante Locker to manage the shipment of the luggage, as well as a penalty of €30.
  • It will be considered that Alicante Locker has delivered the luggage once it hands over the luggage to the carrier, and from that moment on, Alicante Locker will be exempt from any responsibility for the luggage.

Use of the Locker(s)

  • The User must ensure that items placed in the locker(s) do not exceed a total value of €300 per locker. Alicante Locker assumes no liability for items exceeding this value.
  • The User shall exercise the utmost diligence in the use and preservation of the Lockers, ensuring the doors are closed after using them.
  • The lockers are designated for the User's travel luggage and personal belongings for the duration of the reservation period.
  • It is strictly prohibited to deposit in the lockers any inflammable, toxic, harmful, and/or dangerous substances. The User is responsible for any consequences that may arise from non-compliance with this prohibition on persons or things.
  • The User agrees not to use the lockers for any illicit purposes or in contravention of the law, which could cause injuries or damage to persons or property. The User will be solely responsible for any such damages if they occur.
  • During the locker reservation process and throughout the reservation period, the User shall have a mobile phone or any other device with Internet access to receive relevant notifications regarding the use of the reserved lockers and any other notifications that may be necessary during the reservation period. The User also commits to keeping a mobile phone online so Alicante Locker can contact them if necessary to ensure the proper execution of the service or in case of force majeure.
  • The User is responsible for ensuring that the locker(s) door, as well as the establishment's door, are correctly closed after depositing and before collecting the luggage.
  • The User authorizes Alicante Locker to open and inspect the items deposited in the reserved locker(s) at any time for security reasons for people and property.
  • The reservation holder may use the associated locker(s) at their discretion from the start of the reservation until the end date and time of the reservation, information provided during the reservation process and in the notification sent with the reservation details.

User Assistance

  • The User has access to assistance service for the use of the booking platform and handling of the locker(s).
  • The assistance service is available to the User from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.
  • The User can access the assistance service through:
    • WhatsApp to the phone: +34 672 668 761.
    • Email to:


  • Alicante Locker provides a locker rental service, without being responsible for the custody of the items or luggage stored inside. The User assumes all responsibility and risks for the items deposited in the locker(s). Alicante Locker will not be responsible in any case for theft, loss, robbery, abandonment, or misplacement of items left in the lockers that exceed €300 per locker in their entirety, even if it occurs through proper use of the locker(s).
  • The User will be responsible for any damages caused to the locker(s) during their use that can be attributed to the User. Additionally, the User must inform the Assistance Service of any incidents related to the Service or the locker(s).
  • The User will be held responsible for any damages or harm caused to Alicante Locker due to their use of the locker(s) that do not comply with the present terms of use. Likewise, the User will indemnify Alicante Locker for damages or harm caused by their use of the locker(s) that do not comply with the present terms of use in the event of a third-party claim against Alicante Locker.
  • Alicante Locker will not be responsible for incidents in the functioning of the locker(s) or the booking website in the following cases:
    • When the locker(s) is not used by the User in accordance with the instructions for use.
    • In case there are problems with the reception of emails to the address provided by the User, for any reason.
    • If, due to misuse of the locker(s), the User causes the locker(s) or any of its parts and/or components to malfunction.
    • Due to any User's non-compliance with the provisions of these terms of use.
    • Errors, losses, or a decrease in internet connection speed, regardless of the reason, that could affect the operation of the locker(s) and/or the reservation service.
  • The locker(s) may not be available for various reasons, such as maintenance and repair; events beyond Alicante Locker's control or that could not have been reasonably foreseen. Alicante Locker will not be responsible, in any case, for the inability to access the locker(s), nor for any damages that may arise from it.
  • Alicante Locker will not be responsible in the event of a breakdown, acts of vandalism, sabotage, lack of electrical power, lack of internet access, or any other unforeseen event that prevents the proper functioning of the service or access to the facilities. Alicante Locker will not be liable for damages that may arise from such circumstances. Alicante Locker is committed to using all means at its disposal to limit damages arising from the malfunction of the service.

Force Majeure

  • Alicante Locker is not responsible to the User for the non-compliance with obligations arising from this Contract in the event that the non-compliance is due to force majeure, understood as any unforeseeable event beyond Alicante Locker's control that makes the fulfillment of the assumed obligations impossible, whether materially or legally, and provided that it is not due to a previous breach by the party affected by the force majeure event.
  • Force majeure includes, among others, cases of war, acts of terrorism, earthquakes, lightning strikes, epidemics, and pandemics, sabotage, and restrictions on freedom of movement in compliance with state laws, regulations, or resolutions.

Termination of Reservation and Access to Facilities

  • Alicante Locker may terminate or suspend a User's access to the Service immediately if it considers that the User has violated these terms of use.
  • If Alicante Locker terminates the User's access to the Service, the User agrees not to attempt to use it.
  • If the User can no longer use the Service for any reason, they agree to empty the locker(s). Otherwise, the User expressly authorizes Alicante Locker to destroy any object and/or document found in the locker(s) as it will be considered abandoned, and the User expressly and irrevocably waives any claim for compensation and/or damages against Alicante Locker.


All communications and notifications related to these terms of use must be made by email to the address or physical address indicated below, provided that proof of proper receipt by the recipient or recipients is provided in all cases:

  • Email:
  • Postal Address: C. Capitán Demá Nº 3 - 2º C - 03007 Alicante

Alicante Locker will send notifications to the User at the email provided at the time of making the reservation. In case of urgency, Alicante Locker may use the contact phone number provided at the time of making the reservation.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  • These terms of use will be governed by Spanish laws and legislation.
  • Alicante Locker and the User agree that any disagreement, dispute, controversy, or claim related to the Service that is not resolved amicably will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Alicante, with the express waiver of their own jurisdiction or competence.
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