How to choose a luggage locker

How to choosing a right luggage storage for your suitcases

If you have to change your locker for a bigger one, don't worry about it, we refund you the small one. Send us the details of both reservations by WhatsApp or E-Mail and that's it.

Choosing the right locker for our luggage can sometimes be a bit more complicated than we think, especially when we are not familiar with the standard size of suitcases and don't have a measuring tape to measure each of the suitcases that make up our luggage at the time of reserving the locker.

In this article, we are going to try to approximate the measurements of our luggage and therefore the size of locker we need using something as simple as our own body.

There is a discipline called anthropometry, which aims to study and measure the human body and its proportions. This is very useful when designing furniture, clothing, vehicles, and almost any tool or machine we are going to use.

Segments of the Body

Even if two people have a significant height difference, the height difference is distributed throughout their body, so the differences between segments are a fraction of the total height difference.

  • Mid-knee area
  • Hip
  • Torso, up to the midpoint of the shoulder
  • Head

The height differences in each of the segments are not very significant, although the total height difference is.

Let's take the average measurements for two adults with a height difference of 14 cm.

Adult 188 cm tall

  • Mid-knee area: 54.4 cm
  • Hip area: 100 cm
  • Hand length: 21 cm

Adult 174 cm tall

  • Mid-knee area: 49.9 cm
  • Hip area: 90 cm
  • Hand length: 19 cm

With these references, we can easily select the appropriate locker size for each type of suitcase.

Guidelines for Choosing the Locker Size

Small and Medium Suitcases

For suitcases whose height does not exceed our knee, we can use lockers of size S and M because even though their height is 37 cm and 47 cm respectively, their depth is 58 cm, so in most cases, we should not have any difficulty.

Luggage locker valid for small and medium cabin luggage

Large Suitcases

For suitcases whose height is above the knee and below the hip, we should use a XL-sized locker because its height is 85 cm and as we mentioned, the height at which the hip of a person 174 cm tall is located is 90 cm.

Valid locker size for large and XL luggage

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